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Black cat laying on cat tower A Pet's Life
Big Laugh When You Find Out What This Senior Cat is Thinking
Watch this hilarious video of a senior cat leaving notes for his pet parents!
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Pit Bull mix close up A Pet's Life
Homeless Puppy Finds Firefighters in Time of Desperation
A homeless puppy wandered into a fire station where firefighters took her to safety.
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Volunteer holding a shelter cat A Vet's Life
Can Snuggling with Shelter Cats Improve Their Health?
An interesting new study shows that keeping shelter cats healthier only takes a little affection. Learn how the study was run, and what it means to a behavior expert.
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Two dogs sharing a bed A Vet's Life
New Study Asks if Arthritis in Dogs Causes Mood Changes
Science has already show a connection between arthritis in people and depression. Now a similar question is being asked about dogs.
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Two Great Danes A Vet's Life
Are Ear-Cropping and Tail-Docking Ethical? One Vet Weighs In
Dr. Mike Paul thinks it's time to stop ear cropping and tail docking. Learn how it started, and why, he says, it's no longer a good idea.
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Dog eating out of bowl A Pet's Life
Chicken Patties Dog Food Recalled Over Salmonella and Listeria Concerns
Pet food company "K-9 Kraving Dog Food" has recalled a product due to possible Salmonella and Listeria contamination.
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Close up of Rhodesian Ridgeback A Pet's Life
Amazing Dog Walks to Comfort Guardian after a Bullet to the Head
Dog survives traumatic event after being shot in the head during a burglary.
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Dog on an airplane A Vet's Life
Dr. Mike Paul Excited by New Airline Travel Option for Pets
American Airlines is offering first class passengers a new way to travel with pets in style. Learn more about it.
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Outpatient dogs receiving IV fluids A Vet's Life
Memories of a Vet’s Trip to China: An Evolving World for Pets
You might have heard negative things about dog treatment in China, but now learn what Dr. Zeltzman saw first-hand, and why he thinks conditions are improving.
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Dog licking owner A Vet's Life
Study Shows You Are Your Dog’s Favorite Smell
Did you know that your dogs favorite smell is you? Learn how science proves it!
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