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Gray Pit Bull puppy looking up A Pet's Life
Missing for a Month: Little Boy Reunites With His Stolen Puppy
Incredible story of a little boy who had his puppy stolen from him and the dog miraculously returned after a month.
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Sad Lab mix A Vet's Life
Collar Causes Horrific Neck Wound: Amazing Dog Survives
This very brave dog survived a heartbreaking amount of neglect, and deserves a loving home.
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Orange Tabby Cat A Vet's Life
Dr. Paul: How an Early Diabetes Diagnosis Saved My Cat
Learn how Dr. Mike Paul saved his cat by spotting early signs of a problem and testing immediately.
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Senior Golden Retriever in the park A Pet's Life
See Last Surviving 9/11 Search Dog Have Best Birthday Ever!
Watch the heartwarming video of the last known surviving 9/11 search and rescue dog celebrate her 'Sweet 16'.
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Monkey and Dr. Ruth MacPete holding an armadillo A Vet's Life
Dr. MacPete: My Exciting Trip to The Monkey Farm in Costa Rica
Dr. Ruth MacPete took a trip to Costa Rica where she learned about an amazing group of volunteers. Find out how The Monkey Farm is helping at risk animals.
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Australian Shepherd looking to the sky A Vet's Life
Dog Survives 42-Day Saga in Yellowstone: A Veterinarian’s Joy
Dr. Nancy Kay can't contain her excitement after Jade was rescued from Yellowstone after an amazing 42 days! Learn the full story here.
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French Bulldog puppy A Pet's Life
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Saves French Bulldog from Drowning
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson made quite the splash with his two new puppies over Labor Day weekend. When one of the pups wasn't able to swim, The Rock dived in after to save him!
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Orange cat on a bed A Vet's Life
Dr. Zeltzman: 10 Things I Wish Every Cat Parent Would Do
Don't miss 10 candid request from Dr. Zeltzman that can keep your cat healthier for longer.
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Senior Siberian Husky lying on the ground A Pet's Life
You’ll Love What This Man Built for His Senior Dog!
A video shows a beautiful bond between a man and his senior dog.
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Happy puppy in bed A Vet's Life
Dr. Zeltzman: 10 Things I Wish Every Dog Parent Would Do
See 10 candid request from Dr. Zeltzman that can keep your dog healthier for longer.
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