Missing for a Month: Little Boy Reunites With His Stolen Puppy

The tragic August day
According to WKRN, Khalik Corbett had taken Boomer, his new 10-week-old Pit Bull-Type puppy, on a walk August 14th, when a car pulled up and two men started asking him about the puppy. Khalik said they were going to pet the pup, “He reached down, took off the leash and drove off.” While Khalik’s father gave chase, he couldn’t catch up.

All the distraught family could do then was hope their beautiful pup would find his way home.

The happy homecoming
It was Saturday morning and Angie Corbett, Khalik’s mother, was taking out the trash when she heard barking behind her. Thinking it was a stray dog, she turned around, and couldn’t believe what she saw. It was Boomer, tied to a telephone pole. Angie told WKRN, “I completely dropped the trash and flew over there and he was just wagging his little butt and just barking and I just started crying.” 

Khalik was asleep when he heard his mother yell, “Boomer’s back!” He quickly jumped out of bed to be reunited with his puppy—now missing for over a month.

Boomer is a very lucky pup, and he’s not the only one. About a month ago we met Jax, who escaped his kidnappers by jumping out of a moving truck. Read his story here >> 

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