dog and cat enjoying holiday gifts A Vet's Life
Great Holiday Gifts for Dogs and Cats
Dr. Paul has some great ideas for holiday dog and cat gifts
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Golden Retriever's like this can sometimes have a air outside the lungs Dog Surgery A-Z
Miracle Marley: The Dog I Will Never Forget
This golden retriever surprised us all in a way I will never forget
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c A Pet's Life
Interview with Veteran Reveals Service Dogs are Saving Lives
Veteran, Ralph Matson, says his service dog, Beef, changed his life, and perhaps even saved his life. It’s certain that Matson saved Beef too.
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Many Cats and Dogs are victims of domestic violence A Pet's Life
New Hope for People and Pets Affected by Domestic Violence
Learn how a new program is protecting people and pets from domestic violence.
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Dog with Football A Pet's Life
Watch Animals Talk, Sing and Stampede: Our Favorite Commercials for Sunday’s “Big Game”
The Super Bowl is approaching and we know what that means – it’s time for advertisers to pull out all of the stops and bring us some big budget pr
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Australian Shepherd in a pile of leaves A Pet's Life
Dogs Having Way Too Much Fun With Leaves
Dogs playing in piles are of leaves sure is cute, but the danger of tick season is still upon us!
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Close up of Rhodesian Ridgeback A Pet's Life
Amazing Dog Walks to Comfort Guardian after a Bullet to the Head
Dog survives traumatic event after being shot in the head during a burglary.
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Tiny black kitten with blue eyes A Pet's Life
Determined Kitten Walks with Tiny Wheelchair in Place of Missing Back Legs
Watch Cassidy, the adorable kitten with no hind legs walk for the first time using a tiny wheelchair!
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Setter laying down A Pet's Life
Trapped in a Cistern: Dog Rescued by Loyal Setter
One dog stuck in ravine, another that refuses to abandon her. Learn what happens next.
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Gray Pit Bull puppy looking up A Pet's Life
Missing for a Month: Little Boy Reunites With His Stolen Puppy
Incredible story of a little boy who had his puppy stolen from him and the dog miraculously returned after a month.
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