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Tiny black kitten with blue eyes A Pet's Life
Determined Kitten Walks with Tiny Wheelchair in Place of Missing Back Legs
Watch Cassidy, the adorable kitten with no hind legs walk for the first time using a tiny wheelchair!
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Dog peeking through hole A Pet's Life
Pregnant Dog Survives Being Buried Alive Beneath the City
After hearing barking and cries for help, a man uncovers a pregnant dog who had been buried alive beneath a city sidewalk.
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Orange cat with big eyes A Vet's Life
Pet Insurance Gaining Popularity in the U.S.
Pet insurance is becoming more popular and that's great news for American pets. Learn more about the growing pet insurance trend.
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Border Collie running in the street A Pet's Life
Stray Dog Jumps In Front of Speeding Truck to Save Little Girl
A stray dog from Oklahoma City is being called hero after stepping between a vehicle and a little girl, saving her life.
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Dog waiting for treat A Pet's Life
Recall Alert: These Beef Dog Chews May Contain Salmonella
Pet food company, I and Love and You has recalled a beef dog chew product due to possible Salmonella contamination.
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Ticks crawling up the walls of a dog kennel A Pet's Life
Veterinarian's 5 Scariest and Grossest Tick Stories for Halloween
In the mood for some truly frightening true tales? Don't miss the top 5 creepiest tick stories from our experts.
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French Bull dog looking up A Pet's Life
Hero Pilot Makes Emergency Landing to Save a Dog From Freezing
Many are calling this pilot a hero after he diverted an entire airplane to save a dog from freezing in the cargo hold.
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Setter laying down A Pet's Life
Trapped in a Cistern: Dog Rescued by Loyal Setter
One dog stuck in ravine, another that refuses to abandon her. Learn what happens next.
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Largest Quake of 2015 Strikes Chile: Pet Rescue Groups Respond A Pet's Life
Largest Quake of 2015 Strikes Chile: Pet Rescue Groups Respond
In Chile, 1 million people have been evacuated and at least five have been killed, reports
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Woman fainted while dog looks on A Vet's Life
You’ll Probably Be Disappointed by Your Dog’s Reaction to Your “Fake Fainting”
You'll be surprised by these dog reactions when pet parents pretend to faint, but you probably won't be impressed.
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