Dogs Lend a Helping Paw

Dogs can make some pretty big messes, but don't they look so cute when they're guilty? What about dogs that don't make messes, but actually help clean them up! Who needs a maid when you have helpful dogs like these?

1. Elsa removing snow

This video, posted by Greg Cox, went viral thanks to an adorable Labrador - appropriately named Elsa; she helped shovel off a backyard hockey rink!

2. Grace cleaning the playroom

Posted by gotfameseekfortune, this loveable Golden Retriever knows how to have fun with her toys but also knows when playtime is over and it's time to clean up. Look how cute she is scurrying around!

3. Sarah takes out the trash

Dogs love getting into the trash, but this video - posted by Crestwoodkid - completely changes the game! Watch as this talented Shepherd mix helps her pet parents take the trash out!

4. Spice helps with the laundry

This touching video posted by blackfootkennels just makes me smile. Since Spice's mom has a cold, Spice eagerly stepped in and helped her with the laundry!

5. Bentley brings in the groceries

There's been serveral times where I've found myself wishing I had 3 extra hands when carrying in groceries; when I saw this video posted by Jana Underwood, I thought maybe there's another way. This handsome boy helps his mom bring in the groceries!