Cat Takes Flight after Lizard Startling

If you’ve ever wondered what happens when a kitten comes face to face with a couple of lizards for the first time, speculate no more; a YouTube video posted by Avram Loan answers this burning question. The curious kitten approaches two lizards, cautiously inspecting the first one with a hesitant sniff of the tail. While a brief acknowledgement is given to the second lizard, it seems that one was deemed to be of no threat—oh the folly.

The kitten continues to focus on the lizard moving away only to be suddenly surprised when the second lizard scurries up alongside. The unsuspecting feline takes flight before turning to face the reptile for a tense and adorable moment. Then the kitten takes off again, presumably to warn others that lizards are not to be trusted. Consider this Pet Health Network’s way of spreading the word.

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Reviewed on: 
Monday, September 15, 2014