Hero Dog Limps for Help to Save Her Unconscious Guardian

We’re taking a look at 13 of the luckiest, most inspiring pets of 2013. We’ll bring you stories of two new pets every weekday from now through the end of the year - then ask you to pick your favorite!


It’s hard to say how long John Miles would have lain barely conscious on the street had it not been for his heroic dog. Dylan Stableford of Yahoo News reports that in late November both John and his dog Lucy were struck by a speeding car on Neponset Ave. in Dorchester, Massachusetts. What Lucy did next was simply amazing.

According to WBZ-TV, in spite of Lucy’s serious injuries, she went to the closest office building she could find (a dentist’s office); she proceeded to bark outside of the door until help responded and then limped back to John.  Lucy stayed at John’s side until paramedics arrived.

Angell Animal Medical Center (where Lucy was taken for her injuries)released a press release about the incident, stating, “by the time the police and animal control officer arrived Lucy had braced herself against the nearly unconscious John, refusing to leave his side even as he was lifted into the ambulance.” Lucy’s presence then helped John again. Emergency services utilized Lucy’s ID tags to identify John after they arrived because he didn’t have his wallet on him.

Caitlin Miles, John’s daughter-in-law said in an interview with WBZ that after being separated from John Lucy was distraught. “After the accident when I was home with her she had tears pouring down her fur.” As for John, when he heard what Lucy had done he wasn’t surprised, “that’s the type of dog she is.” Both Lucy and John are expected to recover. A donation fund has been set up to assist with Lucy’s medical costs.

The loyalty of a dog like Lucy is inspiring. She thought little of her own injuries but only of her guardian, John. Her bravery and selflessness should serve as a reminder of what our pets are capable of.

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