The English Foxhound


The English Foxhound is the rarest of the four foxhound breeds. They are the scent hounds usually bred to hunt foxes. This breed originated in Great Britain during the 16th century. Initially English Foxhounds were created to hunt deer in England, but they were later usurped by the Deerhound and Staghound. During Henry VIII’s reign he decided to hunt new game -- the fox. Suddenly, The English Foxhound found a renewed purpose. 

The English Foxhound was created by crossing a Greyhound (for their speed), a Fox Terrier (for their hunting abilities), and a Bulldog (for their determination and stubbornness).

Some English Foxhounds of today can trace their lineage back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Notable English Foxhound owners have included Thomas, Lord Fairfax, of Virginia and George Washington.

The English Foxhound was recognized as a breed by The American Kennel Club in 1909.

Sizing up

  • Weight: 65 to 75 lbs.
  • Height: 21 to 25 inches
  • Coat: Short, smooth, and soft
  • Color: Black, tan and white, or a combination of any of those three
  • Life expectancy: 10 to 13 years

What’s the English Foxhound like?

English Foxhounds used to travel in packs and work as a team. They still work well with other dogs. Although the English Foxhound is very smart and understands most commands, training should start immediately as this breed can be stubborn. Puppy classes are also highly recommended to help with socialization which will be a valuable asset later in life. The English Foxhound is able to run for miles and his voice can carry for miles beyond that.  

English Foxhounds are very friendly and gentle with the family and younger children, but around strangers they tend to get a bit protective. Contrary to popular belief they love human companionship; however, because they are pack dogs, they might be lonely without having a canine buddy.

Because the English Foxhound is a very uncommon breed, and you will often have to wait several months to attain one, it is suggested that you start looking ahead of time and map out when you would like to have a dog. 

The English Foxhound’s coat is very easy to care for and only needs a weekly brushing.


The English Foxhound is typically healthy but you should watch for any of the following:

Takeaway Points

  • The English Foxhound is very energetic and needs a lot of exercise.
  • The English Foxhound may become destructive if confined to a small area so apartment life is not ideal with this breed.
  • The English Foxhound gets along with children, other dogs, cats, and even horses.
  • The English Foxhound loves to hunt.

If you have any questions or concerns, you should always visit or call your veterinarian -- they are your best resource to ensure the health and well-being of your pets.