Golden Retriever Saves Man From Seizure

CBS Los Angeles reports that Tim Mullens is alive today because of his Golden Retriever, Garth. Mullens, who suffers from epileptic seizures, wears an electronic bracelet equipped with a panic button. Garth is trained to press the button when he picks up on a scent that accompanies Mullens’ seizures. One such seizure occurred Monday night when Mullens was alone at a relative’s house. Paramedics were alerted when Garth smartly hit the button. Mullens was transported to Los Robles Hospital in Thousand Oaks , California, and Garth was with him when he woke. Watch the interview with Mullens here.

Unfortunately, dogs like Garth don’t come cheap. The cost assistance dogs like Garth is upwards of $22,000 and isn’t always covered by insurance. Additionally, it’s not only adults who suffer from seizures; children with similar seizures are generally not able to take part in the intense training that a seizure response dog requires. Fortunately, dogs are still available to help these kids through difficult medical procedures. To learn more about “Service Assistance Dogs” click here.