5 of the Sneakiest Pets

As pet guardians it's no shock to us that pets can be very sneaky. Let's see what these sneaky pets have in store!

1. I can explain!

This little cat just wanted to play dress up. How could anyone be mad at that precious face?



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2. Cat gate no match for crafty dog!

This is a perfect example of why to never give up! 



Posted by Paul Groves.

3. One for me and... one for me

The disadvantages of having a sneaky older sibling.



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4. Sneaky cat, sneaky cat, what are they feeding you?

Cats should not be eating dog food (as it’s not designed to meet their nutritional needs). That didn’t stop this clever cat though from sneaking a morsel of the dog's food and pretending to sleep when doggy caught on! Watch the reaction at 0:26



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5. You can call me Bond, Dog Bond

This dog is using skills I didn't even realize dogs had! Who knew they could climb cabinets? Maybe it's time to "doggy-proof" your house. Peth Health Network's own Editor in Chief actually had to "kitty-proof" her cabinets.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015