Dog Parks 2.0

It's Spring time in Maine and Harley and I would like to show you some fun and safe ways to visit the dog park. You should always contact your veterinarian about dog park safety, including any outbreaks they've seen in the area and how to protect your dog from heatstroke! You should always bring water for your dog to make sure they stay hydrated. It's important to monitor the exercise your dog is getting and avoid overheating (this is especially important in brachycephalic dogs or those with respiratory or heart disease). It's also important to make sure you never let your dog chew on sticks because they could splinter off in their mouth and cause problems down the road, so bring a ball they can chase around.

Don't forget to exercise caution when bringing your dog around new dogs. Always make sure your dog is up to date on vaccinations and current on intestinal parasite control. As for your safety, always wear boots or sneakers- never flip flops or any kind of open-toed shoe because hookworm could be present in the soil as well as other bacterias.

Reviewed on: 
Tuesday, May 6, 2014