A New Furry Friend Joins a Canine Agility Class—But It’s Not a Dog!

The Family Dog Training Center in Kent, Washington is certainly stepping outside the box. This agility class is unlike any others. In a canine agility class, you can bet on seeing a Labrador or a Corgi, however, in this class you’ll see a pig! And no, I didn’t misspell Pug.

While the tone of the room consists mainly of ‘barks,’ walking in, you’ll hear the unmistakable snort of Amy the pig, the newest class addition. Amy’s guardian, Lori Stock, has owned many dogs in the past and wanted to train a new animal, reports Elisa Jaffe of KOMOnews. Lori Stock’s highly active indoor pig is a quicker study than past pets and jokingly remarks, “She is the smartest dog I’ve ever trained.”

Owner of the training center, Katy Lang explained, “We actually had a pygmy goat come to several of our classes, and so when Lori asked me about bringing a pig, my response was ‘sure why not?’” Watch below as this eager little pig becomes the star of the class!

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