Dog Hitches Ride On Ambulance Step, Shocks Drivers

If you’re an ambulance driver, you’re probably used to some shocking things, right? You may have thought you’ve seen it all. Well, what happens when you realize your patient’s dog has been sitting on the small side step of the ambulance to make sure his guardian is OK? This question was answered in San Angelo, Texas when an ambulance was flagged down by another driver to alert them that there was in fact a dog hitching a ride,  according to Michelle Gaitan of the Standard Times.

“It was a crazy ordeal,” said Tanner Brown, an emergency technician. “We didn’t have anything else to do but to load the dog up and put him in the ambulance and take him to the ER with us.” The ambulance was about 20 miles into the journey to the hospital when they discovered Buddy, the 35-pound Beagle mix. Buddy was not letting owner JR Nicholson take the trip alone.

Nicholson, a Mason County rancher, was feeling dizzy and asked his ranch hand, Brian Wright to call an ambulance. Wright explains, “I stayed to close up here, but I couldn’t find Buddy,” who is normally quite the curious little guy.

Gaitain reports Nicholson had a short stay in the hospital and was released the same day and brought out to see his dog. “I was impressed. He didn’t have to go to the hospital with me, but he did,” said Nicholson.

Dogs are notorious for the bonds they form with humans. I know that when I’m sick my dog, Harley, stays by my side all day but I don’t think she could hurl her adorable- yet stubby, English bulldog body up onto an ambulance step. Buddy’s story is definitely one for the books. 

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014