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dog and cat enjoying holiday gifts A Vet's Life
Great Holiday Gifts for Dogs and Cats
Dr. Paul has some great ideas for holiday dog and cat gifts
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Old cat enjoying long life A Vet's Life
How Does a Cat Live to be 22?
Learn the secrets that helped George live to 22 years.
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Obese lab on the floor A Vet's Life
Pets, Obesity and Diabetes: An Epidemic in 2016
A recent survey shows just how big of a threat obesity is for our pets.
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Kate Hurley Shelter Siamese Cat A Vet's Life
Dr. Hurley and Dr. Levy Aim to Save One Million Cats
Dr. Kate Hurley and Dr. Julie Levy are founders of the million cat challenge. Learn how this initiative is saving cat lives.
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Spinning is one dog poop personality A Vet's Life
What's My Dog's Poop Personality?
Does your dog poop with a distinct dog poop personality? Find out how Dr. Ward might categorize it.
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A Vet's Life
Dogs Flood the Streets of Ecuador
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Dog on Street A Vet's Life
The Overwhelming Street Dogs of Ecuador
Learn about the dogs Dr. Kay found on the streets of Ecuador, and the impression they made.
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Golden Retriever Sleeping on Couch A Vet's Life
Retriever’s Senior Exam Reveals Mass Before Rupture
Tucker went in for a routine, senior checkup. Learn how it may have saved his life.
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Dog at the Vet's A Vet's Life
Moonshine Spurs an Unforgettable Holiday Vet Visit
Dr. Ward found himself in a completely unexpected situation one holiday season, after a dog got into a homemade distillery.
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Picture showing a dog and cat together on bed implying the shared risk of chronic kidney disease A Vet's Life
New Test for Cats and Dogs May Catch Kidney Disease Earlier
This new test means big and exciting things for dogs and cats everywhere. Learn what veterinarians are saying about it.
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