New Alert about Jerky Dangers for Dogs A Vet's Life
New Alert about Jerky Dangers for Dogs
U.S. made jerky treats are being linked to health issues. Learn why some are speculating these treats could be damaging to the kidneys.
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Dogs and Picnic Dangers Dog Toxins & Poisons
Dogs and Picnic Dangers
Make sure your friends and family are aware of these risks to your dog, and advise them to never feed your dog any snacks without your permission.
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Safe Treats: Can my Dog have "People" Food? Dog Diet & Nutrition
Safe Treats: Can My Dog Have "People" Food?
These "people" foods make great low calorie treats for dogs.
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A Vet's Life
Chicken Jerky Treats Recalled: Waggin’ Train, Milo’s Kitchen, Canyon Creek Ranch, Cadet
It seems that many canines have become ill or have died after eating these treats. The FDA and private organizations failed to find a definitive cause of the dog’s sudden illnesses.
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