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This Time the Tortoise Might Actually Beat the Hare A Pet's Life
This Time the Tortoise Might Actually Beat the Hare
An incredible story of a disabled tortoise getting wheels!
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Person holding a mouse Small Animal Health & Care
Choosing a Veterinary Hospital For Your Exotic Pet: 5 Basic Questions

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Wet parrot after bath Bird Health & Care
Warm Weather Tips For Exotic Pets
Like dogs and cats, exotic pets such as birds, rabbits, lizards, and guinea pigs need to stay cool and comfortable during the summer months.
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Small Animal Health & Care
May Is National Allergy Month: Alternative Pets for Allergic Owners
Are you allergic to cats and dogs? There are some great exotic pets for people with allergies, including reptiles, birds, and amphibians.
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Losing a Friend: Dealing With The Loss of a Pet End-of-Life Support & Grieving Dogs
Losing a Friend: Dealing With The Loss of a Pet
Losing a pet is hard. Just like many of you, Dr. Ruth MacPete has been there.
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Reptiles: Part 2 Reptile Health & Care
Reptiles: Part 2
I'd like to continue that discussion in Part two of my reptile blog. Below are two more great options for anyone looking to add a reptile to their family.
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Exotics 101: Picking Your Perfect Pet Small Animal Health & Care
Exotics 101: Picking Your Perfect Pet
Exotic pets – large and small, from parakeets to geckos to hedgehogs – can make wonderful companions, but unfortunately, many are purchased on a whim. Many exotic pets are highly intelligent creatures that require a great deal of attention and care.
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exotic pet Small Animal Health & Care
Why Choose an Exotic Pet, Anyway?
My answer to this question is that there is no single answer. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with cats and dogs; I love these animals and have several of my own, in addition to my exotic family members.
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Bird Health & Care
Sex and the Single Parrot: Insights for Bewildered Bird Owners
According to a recent study, men think about sex 18 times each day, while women think about it 10 times each day. Should we be surprised that parrots that live in very large social flocks in the wild also are obsessed with sex?
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