How Could Early Detection of Kidney Disease with IDEXX SDMA Help My Pet?

Early DetectionThere are many different causes of kidney disease in cats and dogs, some treatable, some not, so having time to find them is key to keeping your pet’s quality of life as good as possible, as long as possible. While there is no way to reverse kidney function that’s already lost, there may be a cure for the underlying cause of that loss — meaning early detection of that cause is your absolute best chance to combat kidney disease’s progression.3

Even if a specific cause can’t be found or resolved, “Management of chronic kidney disease may slow progression of the disease," IDEXX’s Dr. Celeste Clements says. If early kidney disease is suspected, “Your veterinarian will customize specific treatments for your dog or cat, depending on how your pet feels, the severity of kidney disease and if your pet has other medical conditions in addition to kidney disease.”3

Catch it early. You have the power to ensure your beloved pet gets this important kidney screen every year.

Next time you go to the veterinarian,
ask for IDEXX SDMA and give your pet the best chance for a long, happy life.

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Reviewed on: 
Monday, December 14, 2015