What Does Your Breed Say About You?

Dr. Justine Lee discusses what dog breeds can indicate about their owners. For more from Dr. Lee, find her at www.drjustinelee.com or on Facebook!

In my book It's a Dog's Life... but It's Your Carpet, I reveal a few “veterinary insider tips.” Granted, these are just my opinions (where I make some broad-sweeping generalizations)… but if you wonder what dog breeds tell me (and possibly other veterinarians) about my clients, check out the list below.

Labrador Retriever: Dedicated, outdoorsy, loyal, and generally a good person to be around. Shops at REI. Drives a Subaru.

Chihuahua: Owned by the nouveau-rich, thanks to Paris Hilton. That said, these may be small dogs but they are often owned by the big-hearted!

Mutt: Dedicated, outdoorsy, loyal, and generally a good person to be around. Prefers beer to wine. Buys Old Navy dog toys, but also shops at REI. Drives a Subaru.

Miniature Poodle: Usually owned by a sweet, old, white-haired person.

Golden Retriever: Family oriented and generally a good person to be around. Has two or three human babies.

Yorkshire Terrier: Likes to carry a YSL or Gucci purse, often with their pet in it. Enjoys the high life. Drinks wine, not beer.

Terrier: Potential to be a loyal, family-oriented person. Can be snarky and have an east-coast attitude.

Rottweiler: Badass. Loyal. Protective. Doesn’t want to be screwed with. The dog too.

Greyhound: Kind, mild mannered. Has neurotic tendencies. Gentle. Laid back. Drinks bottled water. Often looks like the dog.

Bernese Mountain: Financially secure. Educated. Shops at REI, Best Buy, and Nordstrom’s.

Beagle: Family oriented. High tolerance level for baying.

Miniature Schnauzer: Family oriented. Owned by older adults. Shops at LL Bean and Lands’ End. Drives a Volvo.

Maltese: Either wants to have a child or have grandchildren. Loves to nurture and carry loved ones in arms. Very well dressed. Likes pink bows.

What? Don’t believe me? What do you think? Does your breed represent you?

And yes, I purposely skipped stereotyping us American pit bull terrier dog owners (although we likely fit in the same Rottweiler category). As a veterinary student once said to me “Dr. Lee… you look just like your dog.”

If you have any questions or concerns, you should always visit or call your veterinarian – they are your best resource to ensure the health and well-being of your pets.

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