Dog Diseases & Conditions A-Z

Is your dog sick? Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of canine diseases and conditions.

Adorable brindle Boxer Dog Diseases & Conditions A-Z
New Research Shows a Genetic Cause of Lymphoma in Dogs
New research into lymphoma has revealed a genetic link that could help dogs and people in the future.
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Sad Dog on Wood Floor Dog Diseases & Conditions A-Z
Eight Tips for Coping With Your Dog’s Age-Related Hearing Loss
If your dog seems to be having a harder time hearing you with age, you're not alone. Learn what you can do help your dog deal with this problem.
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Jack Russell in a blanket Dog Diseases & Conditions A-Z
5 Common Causes of Limping in Dogs
Learn 5 common causes of limping, and when you should bring your dog to see the veterinarian.
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Miniature Pinscher laying down Dog Diseases & Conditions A-Z
Treating Legg-Perthes Disease: A Surgeon’s Advice
Treating your dog for Legg-Perth disease will probably require a surgeon. Learn why the procedure is recommended from an expert.
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What You Need To Know About Heartworm Disease Dog Diseases & Conditions A-Z
What You Need To Know About Heartworm Disease

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Dog Diseases & Conditions A-Z
The Lifecycle of a Tick
Ticks are very nasty parasites that can give pets and people some dangerous diseases.
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Pug looking into the camera Dog Diseases & Conditions A-Z
Managing Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus in Your Dog
If your dog has diabetes, don't panic. Learn about the treatment that can help him live a long, happy life.
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Boxer laying by its owner's feet Dog Diseases & Conditions A-Z
Kidney Disease in Dogs: What Dog Owners Should Know
Kidney disease is a problem every dog parent needs to know about. Learn why it's so important here.
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Woman hugging her dog Dog Diseases & Conditions A-Z
5 Reasons to Test Your Dog for Diabetes
Did you know that some authorities feel that 1 out of every 100 dogs that reaches 12 years of age
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Golden Retriever being examined Dog Diseases & Conditions A-Z
Tiny Beads Cause a Revolution in Cancer Treatment in Dogs
A new and exciting option for surgeons to fight pet cancer.
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